DARREN HARPER – Passages for the Listless and Tired


DRONARIVM, DR-07, CD, ltd.100

Autumnal drifts captured at the edge of consciousness, between wakefulness and dream, purely in moments of cloudy reflection, ebbing and flowing on a sea of resonant waves. Hypnagogic passages for the listless and tired. 

Darren Harper ([b.1970] TwistedTreeline/Somehow, Flaming Pines, Rural Colours, Audio Gourmet, Heart & Soul) is an experimental/ambient sound artist residing high within the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Drawing from both electronic and acoustic sources, his compositional output is based entirely on experimentation and improvisation, with a strong emphasis on minimalism, and often reflects a desire for a greater understanding of nature and self, and the relationship therein.

  • Mastering by Jason Corder aka offthesky


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