DARREN HARPER – Passages for the Listless and Tired


DRONARIVM, DR-07, CD, ltd.100

Autumnal drifts captured at the edge of consciousness, between wakefulness and dream, purely in moments of cloudy reflection, ebbing and flowing on a sea of resonant waves. Hypnagogic passages for the listless and tired. 

Darren Harper ([b.1970] TwistedTreeline/Somehow, Flaming Pines, Rural Colours, Audio Gourmet, Heart & Soul) is an experimental/ambient sound artist residing high within the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Drawing from both electronic and acoustic sources, his compositional output is based entirely on experimentation and improvisation, with a strong emphasis on minimalism, and often reflects a desire for a greater understanding of nature and self, and the relationship therein.

  • Mastering by Jason Corder aka offthesky


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5 thoughts on “DARREN HARPER – Passages for the Listless and Tired

  1. Music Won’t Save You

    Tra elettronica e strumenti acustici, Darren Harper confeziona così una descrizione di un’affascinante segmento del ciclo delle stagioni, attraverso paesaggi sonori (relativamente) concisi e senz’altro equilibrati nella loro miscela di suggestioni emotive e improvvisazioni sperimentali.

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  2. SWQW

    Loin de l’austérité pseudo underground du drone lo-fi et des vains clichés autour de la contemplation, Darren Harper livre un album tout à fait abouti et très contrasté dans ses lignes évocatrices dilatées. Suggérer plutôt qu’exhiber, transmettre énormément avec peu. Le pari est réussi et confirme également tout l’intérêt qu’on devra concentrer sur les sorties de Dronarivm dans les mois à venir.

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  3. A Closer Listen

    These ambient drones are meant to interact with the listener and to nudge them – ever so gently – into a less depressive state. The last minute rises into the red, a wake-up call both literal and figurative.

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  4. Textura

    “Passages For the Listless and Tired “might be thought of as transcriptions of deep meditative states into softly undulating aural form, and in that regard Dronarivm’s slightly more elaborate characterization of it as “(h)ypnagogic passages for the listless and tired” captures its tone all the better.

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  5. Wajobu:

    Despite being created from improvisation, Darren Harper has achieved a well-planned and deeply satisfying journey. There is a soft resonant afterglow present in this album.

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