FESCAL – Two Winter Poems


DRONARIVM, DR-06, 3″CDr, EP, ltd.100

Two poems by Alexander Pushkin set to the music of Fescal. Characteristic of winter, a harmonious combination of tape compositions woven together with wondrous tonal properties of various instruments into a wintery pertinacious whole.

Courtesy of D. Taldykin (Dronarivm): “Two Winter Poems” is an uncommon musical illustration of Alexander Pushkin’s well-known poems “Winter morning” and “Winter evening”. An almost transparent, aquarelle of sound may truly be called a realized dream of Kazimir Malevich: white on white. The familiar poetical images show through the mantle of snow or of music, over a field powdered with snow a distant echo of chimes blends with a long-drawn-out roar of the wind. Night follows day, darkness follows light, and “through the frost the greenish fir-trees are exposed, and under ice, a river glitters”. This continuous motion represents life itself. Life as a miracle which inspires Fescal today, and once inspired one of his favourite poets.

Courtesy of Fescal: Music always unfolds in time and space. Often, however, these highly important dimensions of composition imperceptibly shrink to the level of marginalia, to unremarkable, seemingly obvious factors that are taken for granted. To see or understand this differently: time and space take on an original form; it is subjected to a conscious reflection and understanding this when entering a territory in which many major explorations and inventions have taken place before in virtually all the past epochs in music history.

Indeed, this is one of the preconditions of the fundamental nature behind this work, as well as an incentive to search for new paths. Particularly in light of the temporal aspects, which have such a strong, hold on music. The idea of this EP has worked out a simpatico broad spectrum of musical-historical experiences, which have fired inspiration, ranging from the polyphony of sound to the “process time”; aimed to be complemented by a large amount of extra-musical inspirations as well, particularly from the domains of literature, the literature of Pushkin, Aleksandr (Sergeevich) (1799–1837).

The album includes an illustration by Mark Coates, completed in December 2012. Mark adopted an illustrative style not dissimilar, in appearance, to a hand tinted engraving. He felt this captured the magic of a Russian winter; the silent snow fall, the crisp air and thick snow on the ground. At an intermediate stage he introduced a technique which allowed the ink and watercolour wash to delicately merge together, giving extra texture and depth to the colour. There is a narrative in the illustration which connects it with both the music and the poems.


The EP box contains one 3″CDr, an illustration by Mark Coates, completed in December 2012, which captures the magic of a Russian winter; the silent snow fall, the crisp air and thick snow on the ground (painting also available in bigger sizes in a picture frame), a small plastic bag containing bush twigs from which Korean traditional tea can be made (needs to be boiled for about 30 minutes – smells wonderful and tastes lovely and you’ll need a tea pot with a strainer to serve), one small 9.5 x 9.5.cm polaroid photo of a statue of Alexandr Pushkin taken by Sergey Klochev and a small age-old folk page booklet about the EP along with a few extra whatchamacallits thrown in for good measure. Each box contains something unique and individual.

The artwork which accompanies this release is also available for a limited time to buy as a separate item. To order please select Choice 3 from the drop down menu above. Images of the painting in a frame can be seen below. Additionally, each piece of custom framed art is individually crafted and hand-signed. You’ll find the same attention to quality like no other, that’s a promise!

Additional information:

Artist websites: http://www.fescal.info /www.facebook.com/fescalmusic

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5 thoughts on “FESCAL – Two Winter Poems

  1. Textura:

    Both the day’s passage from light to dark and the season’s changes parallel the miracle that is life’s cycles—a miracle which inspired both Pushkin and, two hundred years later, Fescal. – Two Winter Poems is one of those releases that makes a powerful argument on behalf of the physical release.

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  2. Hypnagogue:

    Two Winter Poems is a work of very straight-up drone; its shifts arrive lazily and make just enough difference to nudge itself into a place that’s just subtly different. Changes in tone and texture slide in under the radar before making themselves noticeable. The movement, or lack thereof, is appropriately hypnotic, yet a focused listen reveals a fair amount of work going on.

    Read full…

  3. Music Won’t Save You:

    “Winter Morning” e “Winter Evening” sono infatti i due momenti nei quali si articola l’opera, che traduce il breve arco temporale in un solenne monolite sonoro, in abbagliante fase ascendente nel primo movimento e in placida dissolvenza nel secondo.

    Read full…

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