OFFTHESKY – Light Loss


DR-29, CD / DL

‘Light Loss’ describes a changing of seasons – from fall into winter when the sun hangs low and the day’s shy light dominates. It describes the heavy mood and psychological affect that comes with this seasonal evolution and the changing tide of friendship and love alike that occurs through this seasonal shift.

Stylistically the music therein marks a continuation in offthesky’s sonic evolution by introducing darker atonal noise moments coupled with a lighter melodic sound to create a rich dynamic hue. By melding acoustic instrumentation, synth, and composed effects, offthesky weaves a quilt that embraces both a negative and positive landscape.


Offthesky is experimental sound/video artist Jason Corder – from Denver, Colorado. Jason has performed and produced various shades of electronic music for over 15 years. He has toured Europe and Canada and has released on labels from 12k to Zymogen.


  • Mastered by Jason Corder
  • Cover art by Russell Burden –
  • Photos for special edition by Anastasya Markelova

CD comes as regular (in a discbox slider) and special editions (slim handcrafted box, 6 photo inserts on matte paper (300 gr.), vellum, silkscreened cardboard folder)



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9 thoughts on “OFFTHESKY – Light Loss

  1. AmbientBlog:

    From the rather indeterminate and abstract beginning “lighter melodic sounds are coupled with darker atonal noise moments to create a rich dynamic hue.”

    Read full…

  2. Textura:

    Though the Denver, Colorado-based sound artist’s been producing electronic music for over fifteen years, Light Loss is anything but a retread of where Corder’s been before, and it speaks highly on behalf of his imagination that with so many years of creative work behind him he’s still able to surprise

    Read full…

  3. Fluid Radio:

    “Light Loss” delves into the lengthy battle that takes place over the winter — the soft flakes and the innocent snowball fight versus the flood and the huge, unprecedented storm. It is a necessary time: a season where the loss of light is evident, and a season where the snow white stillness comes face to face with the avalanche.

    Read full…

  4. A Closer Listen:

    The new work traces the arc of descending winter from first chill to dreary darkness, seeking to find light and hope in the bleakest of conditions.

    Read full…

  5. Hear Feel:

    Created to mirror the descent of colourful yet fading Autumn into Winter’s grey fugues it somewhat feels at odds to the brightness and encroaching warmth and life that Spring provides around its launch date, a result of which, at least for me, does seem to otherwise dim the experience of an otherwise rather decent record.

    Read full…

  6. Vital Weekly:

    Now while much of this is closely connected to the world drone/ambient music, I think because it uses different, acoustic instruments, which I believe to be a rare thing in the world of drone music. Some of this stuff is a bit too dark for my taste, but overall I thought it worked well.

    Read full…

  7. maeror3:

    «Light Loss» четко балансирует на грани неуютной тревоги и полного покоя, показывая этот шаткий баланс с помощью порой неожиданно поданного звучания привычных инструментов, создавших этот идеальный «пограничный» релиз.

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  8. Music Won’t Save You:

    Il passaggio più rappresentativo del momento creativo di Corder è comunque quello finale, che coincide non a caso con la title track, una sinfonia di ventun minuti che muove da spettrali risonanze e pesanti filtraggi di suoni acustici (pianoforte, sax) per poi elevarsi in una parete di rumore, segnata da minute detonazioni ritmiche, che segnano l’esito non più reversibile di un viaggio tra angosciose tenebre ambient-noise.

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