CAUGHT IN THE WAKE FOREVER – The Places Where I Worship You


DR-30, / CD / DL

‘The inspiration for this record came about while I was on holiday in The Isle Of Arran, Scotland last October. It’s a beautifully detached & quiet Scottish Island. I had spent the week relaxing, collecting field recordings & walking around with my family. During my time there I felt an intense calm that I often don’t, if ever feel. I felt a better person in this environment. I felt a better partner & most importantly, a better father. I began to feel like my old self again, being away from the general pace of modern life.

When I arrived home I spent the next 6 months trying to create an aural document of my experience. In order to remind myself (when I lose sight of it) that it is possible for me to be this way.

The six tracks here all consist of environmental recordings taken on the island, along with manipulations of an old 78rpm record bought in a charity shop at the ferry port upon leaving for home. For me this is a deeply personal instrumental record, marking not just a time & place but a certain way of life. It’s a way of life I hope to return to on a more permanent basis in the near future’.

– Fraser McGowan


Caught In The Wake Forever is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist & song writer Fraser McGowan. To date he has worked with labels such as Hibernate Recordings, Audio Gourmet, Sound In Silence, Soft Corridor Records and others.


  • Written & recorded at home by Fraser McGowan. All environmental recordings captured on the Isle Of Arran (14th-17th October 2013)
  • Photography for special edition by Graeme Low, Magnus Hagdorn, Dave Bonta, Neil Saunders, Karin Murray, Rob Schulze, Oliver Clarke.
  • Mastered by Porya Hatami


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