MARSEN JULES – Sinfonietta


DR-28, CD / DL

The long-awaited release of “Sinfonietta” by Marsen Jules crowns the year 2014 for Dronarivm.

Aristotle referred the term “symphony” to music of the spheres that embraces the concept of a ethereal harmony. Sinfonietta, which lasts 45 minutes, is a very first element of cosmic architectonics, the miniature universe model. Unwrapping in time, this self-contained composition is skillfully woven out of orchestral sound fragments repeated in a cyclical manner. But it would be not enough, just to listen to this music. Marsen Jules offers a new sense of reality beyond the three known dimensions, where time is non-linear and perception is multivariate.


The German electronic music composer Marsen Jules is a poet in sound. Focused on minimalism and abstraction he creates atmospheric and deeply emotional tunes. Since his CD debut on City Centre Offices he released 7 full length albums and several compilation tracks on labels as 12K, Kompakt, Miasmah and Dronarivm as well as his own imprint Oktaf Records. In 2009 he received an award as best album at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris which was also combined with a a two week residence in the legendary “GRM Studios” at Radio France. Marsen Jules played allready on international festivals as Mutek Montreal, Tranzvizualia (Poland), Node (Italy), Urban Explorers (NL), La Rout du Rock (Paris), Picknick Electronique (Montreal).


  • Mastered by Jason Offthesky Corder
  • Photos by Anders Weberg
  • Curated by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)


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7 thoughts on “MARSEN JULES – Sinfonietta

  1. Kulturterrorismus:

    “Einen zeitlosen Flug durch Raum & Zeit beschert MARSEN JULES “Sinfonietta“, womit der Dortmunder ein höchst monotones, aber ergreifendes Space Ambient Album abliefert, das endlose Dunkelheit und erhabene Lichtmomente gleichermaßen visualisiert – FANTASTISCH!”

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  2. Onda Rock:

    Quello che manca a tanti, troppi musicisti d’area atmosferica al giorno d’oggi, e che continua invece a rimanere un marchio di fabbrica di Marsen Jules.

    Read full…

  3. Hawai:

    Con fotografía de Anders Weberg, que también son figuras que se pierden entre sí, el poeta sonoro Martin Juhls presenta en “Sinfonietta” una obra donde las notas van cambiando de color a medida que los segundos transcurren con una pasmosa lentitud, sonidos que desaparecen en una bruma de armonías, una maravillosa melodía interminable de hermoso ruido minimalista y romanticismo ambiental.

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  4. Textura:

    That caveat aside, one can’t help but admire the skill with which Jules sustains the dramatic mood throughout as well as shapes the material in such a way that the dream-like effect of its overlapping layers is maximized.

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  5. Wajobu:

    Even with a seemingly minimal palette, Marsen Jules (the nom de plume of Martin Juhls) cleverly interlaces and produces three dimensional visualizations in sound. Listening to Sinfonietta, I feel as if I am serenely traveling in space, perhaps orbiting the Earth (or another as yet undiscovered planet) and marveling at the sights from my comfortable observation craft where I am quite content to remain.

    Read full…

  6. AmbientBlog:

    “Sinfonietta” is a 45 minute composition that has neither beginning nor end, and hardly any perceptible progression: it just ‘is’.

    Read full…

  7. Music Won’t Save You:

    Impiegando la persistenza piuttosto che la variazione, Juhls adempie la missione concettuale che l’ha condotto a misurarsi con l’essenza più autentica della sinfonia, riveduta in chiave post-moderna e ridotta all’osso attraverso una sequenza di momenti acustici singolari, alla quale abbandonarsi per poterne assorbire l’essenza dematerializzata e straniante.

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