MARCUS FJELLSTRÖM – Lichtspiel Mutation 2 : Alechsis


DR-27, 3’CDr / DL

“Lichtspiel Mutation 2: Alechsis” is a 21:36 minute piece originally composed as a live audiovisual piece, for live electronic music and video projection. It is based on characters, plot elements and footage fragments from the 1948 film “The Amazing Mr. X” by Bernard Vorhaus. Rather than a conventional retelling of the story, the elements are transformed, misunderstood and mutated into an ambiguous, mythological adventure of almost epic proportions, told through diagrams and narrative devices inspired by late 1970’s text-based computer games. The piece was premiered at Worm, Rotterdam, in January 2013 as part of the Gonzo(Circus) curated “Mind the Gap” concert series.

The underlying idea behind Marcus Fjellström’s Lichtspiel Mutation series is to use old, forgotten films in the ‘public domain’ as raw material, to be de- and reconstructed into new pieces of experimental music drama. The original film constitutes the seed of its own rebirth; themes, arch and narrative from the film are kept intact, as well as actual moving image material, but ‘remixed’ into a completely new form; a poetic visual/musical work that conceptually shares similarities with opera and/or ballet, but becomes something completely different altogether.

Born in Sweden in 1979, Marcus Fjellström is a composer and multimedia artist. His work ranges from the purely orchestral through electronic music and audiovisual work. He has worked with the Swedish Royal Ballet, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Sinfonietta Cracovia, as well as numerous other orchestras, ensembles and soloists, independent record labels, artists and filmmakers.
In his works, Fjellström often aims to combine opposites so that they don’t contradict each other, but rather fuse into a natural, third element. There is often a challenging of the gap between “high” and “low” culture, of the naïve and the sophisticated, of good and bad taste. Musical influences range from electronica such as Aphex Twin and Autechre, to 20th century composers such as György Ligeti and John Cage. Further influences include impressionist composers Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, and film music composers Bernard Herrmann, Angelo Badalamenti and Zdeněk Liška.

  • Curated by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)

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3 thoughts on “MARCUS FJELLSTRÖM – Lichtspiel Mutation 2 : Alechsis

  1. Adda Ambient:

    Stemming from a late 40’s movie, this experimental work is an exuberant transmutation of its original soundtrack.

    The original sounds and noises are carefully deconstructed, processed and patched again together to offer an hallucinatory listening experience in an other reality, gritty and sometimes disturbing.

    A way for Marcus Fjellström to recreate his own version of ” The Amazing Mr. X ” through sound mutation and some old-fashioned electronic devices.


  2. Fluid Radio:

    Marcus Fjellström’s music sits in the middle of a cyclone. Here, he presents us with “Lichtspiel Mutation 2: Alechsis”, a stormy record that never settles.

    Read full…

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