DR-24, CD / DL

The soundscape of “The Garden” forms from whispers and murmurs of rural nature, from that noiseless noise which lives in the summer air that are captured in a macro mode, so one can almost touch.

Like a sluggish snail, the music ploughs its way through blades of grass, like a humming bee, it glides smoothly down to a flower, and like a firefly, it shimmers at cool evening twilight.

Porya Hatami invites the listener to take a leisurely journey through green labyrinths together with fluttering, creeping and buzzing creatures, thus taking us back to the primeval garden and its “objective reality”.

Atmospheric in a summer way, meditative in the Oriental style and just beautiful music.


Porya Hatami [b.1981] is an experimental sound artist based in Sanandaj, Iran. Working in the field of ambient/minimal, his compositions explore the balance between electronics and environmental sounds, utilizing processed acoustic and electronic sources and field recording.


  • Mastered by Fraser McGowan aka Caught In The Wake Forever — www.caughtinthewakeforever.com
  • Cover photo by Anthony Lazaro
  • Interts photos by Peter Nejedly (Ladybug, Snail, Bee), Terry Priest (Firefly), Mahalie Stackpole (Ant), redcctshirt (Spider).

The CD comes as regular (lim.150) and special (lim. 50) editions. Last version includes a lavender flower, 6 photo inserts (12×12 cm) on matte paper (200 gr.) that go in a tea and grass handmade colored envelope sewn up in hessian bag.



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11 thoughts on “PORYA HATAMI – The Garden

  1. maeror3:

    Если нужно было бы подобрать только одно слово, чтобы описать этот альбом, то это будет слово «умиротворяющий». Однозначные рекомендации.

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  2. Caleidoscoop:

    Porya Hatami presenteert nu alweer zijn vierde album van dit jaar. /…/ Hij heeft zich zoals altijd laten inspireren door de natuur en in dit specifieke geval door zijn tuin met de focus op de insecten, weekdieren en geleedpotige.

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  3. Drowned In Sound:

    The Iranian sound artist has already churned out a couple of seriously impressive records this year but The Garden, a new effort for Dronarivm, is the best of the lot thus far.

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  4. Onda Rock:

    L’iraniano Porya Hatami è uno dei tanti nomi “sotterranei” della scena ambientale contemporanea. Associabile per sonorità alla scuderia nipponica di casa 12k (Illuha, Moskitoo, ecc), si cimenta da anni in una ricerca volta a conciliare environmental sounds e field recordings nella forma più naturale possibile.

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  5. A Closer Listen:

    The rewards are here for those who wish to find them: soothing layers of crackling sound, balanced by sounds from the actual garden. It’s enough to make one want to go outside and find an actual snail in an actual garden, and to watch for a while. And this is Hatami’s intention: by slowing things down to a snail’s pace, he invites us to do the same.

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