DR-25, CD / DL

Invisible and intangible air around us is actually similar to the sea, which always varies. And sound is the voice of air, and the impression of the space where it have been heard. The new album by Giulio Aldinucci called “Aer” focuses on the ability of different sounds to communicate and become music. CD comprises seven ductile atmospheric soundscapes produced from complimentary field recordings and software and analogue hardware generated ambient. Аnd the appearance of each track is comparable to the birth of a new universe. This is the case when “listening”, “feeling” and “breathing” are synonymous.

Digital version of album contains two bonus remixes by Porya Hatami and Ghost and Tape.


Giulio Aldinucci was born in Siena in 1981 and began learning music when he was a child. In addition to his musical research, which always focuses on different synthesis methods and on the use of field recordings, he also writes music for acoustic instruments.


  • Mastered by Ian Hawgood


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8 thoughts on “GIULIO ALDINUCCI – Aer

  1. Witclub:

    Suoni diversi possono comunicare. Possono diventare musica. Duttile come un metallo, è plasmata tramite software e hardware analogici. Variopinta come una tavolozza, ne esprime i colori ricorrendo a field recordings ad hoc.

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  2. Adda Ambient:

    Aer is an unusual journey in the lands of electroacoustic music.

    Unfolding through seven chapters without any sort of transition, this album turns into a disordered mind trip between abstract and concrete soundscapes, between soothing and cathartic tracks.

    Haunting loops of synthesizers and organs meet crackling field recordings and glitchy elements for 43 unpredictable minutes, before Porya Hatami and Ghost And Tape add their personal touch to Aer.

    A surprisingly fresh release!

  3. Norman Records:

    …seven distinct drones, each mixing a fog of eerie ambience and layers of more tangible texture for a detailed, slow moving and meditative listen…

  4. Music Won’t Save You:

    Proprio a queste ultime è ascrivibile la pubblicazione da parte dell’etichetta russa delle sette tracce di “Aer”, che descrivono un viaggio sonoro sospeso a mezz’aria, nel corso dei quali Aldinucci offre una declinazione estremamente dinamica di un soundscaping non semplicemente legato alla cattura di frammenti più o meno acusmatici e irregolarità atmosferiche, bensì distillato attraverso un mutevole ventaglio di modulazioni ambientali.

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  5. The New Noise:

    Di sicuro Aer è il titolo adatto per questo disco, dato che – anche quando il sound aumenta in termini di fisicità – ci si sente sempre sospesi, fluttuanti, con la realtà (cioè i field recordings) che si accende e si spegne, appare e poi sfuma, sempre grazie alla bravura di Aldinucci nel giocare con la nostra percezione.

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