DR-23, 3’CDr / DL

Cold shadows that have hidden in the ocean at night, now slowly crawl on the scorching sand. Light grainy noises drown in the wash. Fishes, flowers, birds, people gilded with heat are melting in the sun, drift in the hot air towards each other, free and intangible, like music.

“From the very beginning, ‘Cay’ was just a project which got stuck, gathering dust in a folder hidden somewhere on my laptop for a long time. After returning to work on it from time to time, actually for about 3 years, I still wasn’t entirely pleased and had trouble deciding on which direction I wanted it to go. But after experimenting with some new gear that I bought for my studio, the pieces started to fall into place and the track was gradually coming together.”
– Tobias Hellkvist


It didn’t quite get its final form until recently, as Tobias finally decided to finish it in April of 2014. ‘Cay’ is now, almost 18 minutes long, a track that spans from the high and low, the aggressive and calm, being intense and soothing at the same time – an excellent addition to his arsenal of ambient drones. Pro-printed 3”CDr in cardboard handmade box includes original inserts (images + separated shadows on the transparent film) and small stones of different colours.

Limited of 75 handnumbered copies.

Tobias Hellkvist (b. 1984) is a Swedish composer and artist, working mainly in the field of ambient, drone and electroacoustic music. Blending the electronic with the organic, dense shimmering drones with intense ‘wall of sound’-textures, Hellkvists’ cinematic atmospheres has been referred to as dynamic, varied and “packed full of life”.

  • Production by Tobias Hellkvist.Recorded and shaped gradually between 2012-2014 in Malmö, Sweden.Finished and mastered in April 2014 at Hide Your Studio.
  • Cover photo by Anna Gabriella Johansson.

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4 thoughts on “TOBIAS HELLKVIST – Cay

  1. Music Won’t Save You:

    Hellkvist nell’occasione ci è invece riuscito compiutamente, catturando in “Cay” un processo in divenire di ricombinazione di forze dotate di polarità opposte che, ricondotte ad unità, restituiscono un amplissimo spettro dronico.

    Read full…

  2. A Closer Listen:

    Hellkvist has released some excellent works to date, but Cay may be his most effective. As a single track, it draws all the attention, remaining focused from beginning to end.

    Read full…

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