SIMA KIM – Freudvoll und Leidvoll


DR-22, 3’CDr / DL

Und leidvoll,
Gedankenvoll sein,
Und bangen
in schwebender Pein,
Himmelhoch jauchzend,
zum Tode betrübt –
Glücklich allein
Ist die Seele, die liebt.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(aus Egmont III. Akt)

Two tape loop based repitative drone tracks inspired by classical poem and music.

Pro-printed 3”CDr in cardboard handmade box includes original small 6-pages photobook and dried flowers. Limited of 75 handnumbered copies.

Sima Kim was born in South Korea at 1989, and grew up in Europe. He started studying music at 18 years-old and did a degree in musicology after being influenced by western classical and contemporary music. After visiting Germany and India in 2011, he started composing music and has had his music released on several labels – Cathedral Transmissions, Twice Removed Records, Umor Rex, Unknown Tone Records, Rural Colours and the others.



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4 thoughts on “SIMA KIM – Freudvoll und Leidvoll

  1. Ambient Exotica:

    Freudvoll Und Leidvoll works on both levels, the aesthetic and aural one, light and darkness, joy and fear. The result is neither distinct nor distinctive, but a zoetropic blur that is so alike Sima Kim and his complete body of works that this album is an essential sparkler of the South Korean’s vivid mind.

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  2. Ambientblog:

    It’s interesting that sounds like this can indeed sound joyful and sorrowful at the same time – the predominant mood depending on the mood of the listener.

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  3. Stationary Travels:

    One piece here is dedicated to freduvoll (joy) and one to leidvoll (sorrow). In fact, both have an air of wistfulness about them, but ‘Freudvoll’ is painted in brighter hues and has a more animated and shimmering feel to it when compared with the grayer and more muted ‘Leidvoll’.

    Read full…

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