DR-19, CD / DL

Dronarivm sums up the year 2013 with ’15 Shades of White’ CD compilation.

15 tracks that are different in atmosphere and sound are united by a common winter mood.

Winter is a favorite season of philosophers and introvert dreamers, a territory of remembrances and quiet reflections, where nonlinear time allows to bring together the disparate fragments of memories and create a multi-layered collage of pieces of the future, present and past.

Neoclassical pianos, hypnotic strings, light strokes and soft undertones leave a quirky musical pattern on the glass of eternity.

Following is the list of the artists involved in the order it will be heard: Anne Chris Bakker, Talvihorros, Kreng, Ben Lukas Boysen, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Jacaszek (Pleq remix), Marsen Jules, Ian Hawgood & The Green Kingdom, Orla Wren, Kaboom Karavan, Marcus Fjellström, Strië, The Frozen Vaults, Olan Mill

+ 2 digital bonus tracks by Tobias Hellkvist and Zvuku.


  • Compiled by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)
  • Mastered by Jason Corder Offthesky
  • Cover art by Staszek Sokołowski

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11 thoughts on “VARIOUS – 15 SHADES OF WHITE

  1. maeror3:

    Это красивая, необычная, «разная» музыка, позволяющая в итоге сложить в голове большую и завершенную картинку белого цвета, для описания которой существует так много слов и возможностей.

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  2. A Closer Listen:

    Overall, this is one of the best original compilations we’ve heard in quite some time: as Dronarivm has advertised, diverse yet unified, with a gentle track-to-track flow that promotes repeated plays.

    Read full…</em>

  3. Music Won’t Save You:

    Pur nelle evidenti differenze stilistiche tra i tanti artisti coinvolti, “15 Shades Of White” scorre con un’omogeneità di intenti e suggestioni niente affatto comune per una compilation, offrendo incantati scenari invernali, da contemplare rapiti al riparo dagli algori più pronunciati con l’adeguata colonna sonora di una raccolta davvero preziosa.

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  4. Textura:

    Hibernate aficionados in particular will find much to appreciate about the recording, especially haunted, strings-drenched blends of neo-classical and ambient-drone

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  5. Gwendal Perrin Blog:

    Focus sur la dernière sortie du label ambient russe DRONARIVM : la compilation « 15 Shades of White », avec des pistes inédites de Talvihorros, Olan Mill ou encore Sophie Hutchings. Très chaudement recommandé.

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  6. Santa Sangre Magazine:

    In fact, there isn’t much of glacial, isolationist ambient here. Winter is the theme of the compilation, but each of the musicians approached the subject in his or her own personal way, not allowing the concept to reign over their idea of music. So almost all of them did well, just some efforts are a little better than others. But it’s a successful compilation nevertheless, worth looking for.

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  7. Brutal Resonance:

    White color has different shades during winter time but all of them are bound together by a stitch of neoclassical atmosphere in this compilation.

    Read full…

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