DR-18 , CD / DL

This album is, for all intents and purposes, is an homage to classic ambient and ambient techno albums of the past (of course filtered through the distinctive sound world of The Green Kingdom). This is not to say that the aim was to recreate or mimic the sound of these recordings, but rather the feeling they create through the use of sustained tones, repetition, melody and texture.

As indicated by the title, these pieces are meant to evoke vast and expansive environments, either real or imagined. These landscapes can often provide a sense of calm and wonder at our relative insignificance in comparison to the majestic grandeur of the larger universe all around us. Although the cover is one example of such a landscape, the tracks remain untitled in hope that the listener might attach their own associations.

Mike Cottone is a graphic designer and musician based in Detroit Michigan. Under The Green Kingdom moniker, he produces minimal ambient music using a variety of digitally manipulated sounds sourced from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Digital version of album contains a 2 bonus tracks by Tobias Hellkvist and Segue.


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8 thoughts on “THE GREEN KINGDOM – Expanses

  1. Music Won’t Save You:

    In questo risiede il carattere “classico” di “Expanses”, la cui palpabile ambience è percorsa persino da frammenti di derivazioni techno, pur snodandosi in maniera preponderante in un incedere graduale, semplicemente percorso da una pluralità di screziature.

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  2. Tone Harvest:

    “Expanses” from The Green Kingdom gently rains down a cacophony of plucked strings enveloped by atmospheres of soothing tones and experimental sound.

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  3. Sputnik Music:

    Rather than the more contemporary ambient techno of today, such as the works of Boards of Canada or Brian Eno, Mike Cottone’s soundscapes act as an homage to the early days of minimal ambient when the possibilities of creating electronic music were still relatively unknown, and therefore modest in scope.

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  4. Vital Weekly:

    Is there still such a thing as a chill out room at a current day techno party, I was wondering? If you so, The Green Kingdom should certainly play there.

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  5. Textura:

    …an eleven-minute-plus reverie that threads ethereal voices, twilight emissions, and other glimmering details into a soul-soothing, dub-wise flow.

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  6. Hawai:

    La profunda belleza de esta obra se encuentra debajo de densas capas de sonido espacioso, una amplia vista lateral que bien pueden ser los hermosos retratos vivos de la fotografía de Russell Burden…

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  7. Norman Records:

    Despite the most part this is a drone-based album, although always with some kind of dizzying details to hold the listener’s attention in concordant and understated fashion.

  8. A Closer Listen:

    By surrendering to the expanse, one becomes a part of it; no longer fighting, but traveling on a river of ions to the sonic sea.

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