DRONARIVM, DR-05, CD, ltd. 75

A man is walking across the desert with memories of the sounds where he has come from, of what he has left behind. Crossing the arid landscape, he listens to those sound images, he is haunted by them, he superimposes them on the present and brings them with him toward the future he is making for. Step by step, he uses this confrontation to reinterpret his memories and to finally attempt to grasp the music of the desert.

Debut CD by Philippe Lamy (Nowaki, Audio Gourmet etc), painter and plastics technician, teaches the plastic arts to the school of architecture of Toulouse (France). He has exhibited his artwork across Europe. He began to work with sound too around ten years ago, feeling that his paintings and music resonate together. His careful attention to texture and detail is something he has carried over from his experience as a painter and has transferred into his work with sound.

Packaging includes 3 inserts with fragments of Philippe’s paintings.


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2 thoughts on “PHILIPPE LAMY – Slowfast

  1. maeror3:

    «Slowfast» сложно описать более простыми словами – это одна из тех вещей, которая вызывает у каждого совершенно индивидуальные впечатления. Скажу лишь, что это действительно талантливая работа, со своим звучанием, со своими удачными попытками превратить повседневные шумы в тихое эхо мелодий, которое будут звучать только в вашей голове. Со своим настроением, наконец, что очень важно.

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  2. Textura

    Lamy’s efforts pay off in a recording that offers its listener a visual feast for the ears, and there’s little doubt fans of artists like Pleq and Machinefabriek should find much to appreciate here, also.

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