Pleq / Philippe Lamy ‎– Split


DRONARIVM, DR-04, TAPE, C32, ltd. 32

With this tape DRONARIVM begin the new “32” series of very limited edition, 32 minutes long cassettes with collaborative works of two different artists. This original dialogue between the modern ambient musicians, the attempt to emphasize their individuality and find common ground.

Pleq is the solo project of Bartosz Dziadosz, an experimental musician from Poland who combines elements of drone, down tempo, glitch and modern classical. He creates his work by fusing together independently synthesized sounds, often incorporates violin, the unexpectedly melancholic sound of a piano, sometimes female vocals. Somewhere, something falls, something enters, rings … there’s a hissing and pop, like a short circuit on high voltage lines. Carried by strong focus, Pleq’s style is remarkably consistent, and may be described as: Glitch & Melancholy.

Philippe Lamy, painter and plastics technician, teaches the plastic arts to the school of architecture of Toulouse (France). He has exhibited his artwork across Europe. He began to work with sound too around ten years ago, feeling that his paintings and music resonate together. His careful attention to texture and detail is something he has carried over from his experience as a painter and has transferred into his work with sound.

All tracks written and produced by Bartosz Dziadosz and Philippe Lamy at the turn of 2011 and 2012
Master and artwork by Byron Christodoulou (Felt Collective)


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