CREATION VI – Paleolith

DRONARIVM, DR-03, TAPE, C32, ltd. 32

Modern science still does not know for sure what came first — music or human speech. Either first words were born out of imitations of sounds of nature, or out of gestures; what part played primitive religious faiths and cults in it. Only one thing is clear — at the very beginning rhythm, sound and word formed a whole. In this album there are rituals from humanity’s archaic past, fears and insights of primitive people, a feeling of indivisible unity with earth and sky, wind and stone. Touch on the genetic memory, a way through the darkness of millennia to the primary source of everything we create now.

For the album’s recording we used a voice and a breath, stones and palms, everything that can be tapped and everything that can make noise. Withered leaves, acacia seedpods with seeds, branches, insects swarming and creeping and birds singing. And of course we used singing bowls and the jaw harp.

Creation VI is an ambient/drone project for Ukrainian sound artist Tim Six, started in 2006. The main aim of the project is to discover the properties of music as a tool for expressing nonverbal concepts. The first such notions arise in philosophy, mysticism and of course, in all kind of creativity. Power of ambience is practically inexhaustible, so every aspect in which there is a need of musical thinking, finds its particular expression. so the music of Creation VI may vary from dark and ritual ambiences to weightless, transparent drones.


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2 thoughts on “CREATION VI – Paleolith

  1. Review by Microphones In The Trees

    “Paleolith” es un regalo, un universo de cuevas misteriosas y lagos subterráneos, una acogedora habitación con vistas al pasado en la que es muy complicado escoger una sóla canción porque todas son mágicas, ancestrales, cristalinas, artesanales, eufóricas, tribales, literalmente perfectas. gracias en parte a la presencia constante del arpa~birimbao, ese antiguo instrumento de apariencia sencilla que se toca con la boca, tan importante en toda la música de creation VI o Drop Sum. también a la esponjosidad de los drones, a un sonido tallado a mano, indescriptiblemente orgánico y acuático, que consigue ponerte los pelos de punta en maravillas como ‘cave rites’ o ‘the emergence of language’. arranca con ‘the birth of music’ (uf) abriendo paso a las campanas, murmullos, grillos, palos de agua, cuencos tibetanos…y a un clima que me recuerda a ‘from there to here’ de sunhiilow o a las cuerdas flotantes de brother ong. uno de esos discos que, ojalá, se quedará conmigo, contigo, durante mucho tiempo.

  2. Review by maeror3 (in russian)

    Интересная звуковая «органика». Завораживая музыка, не оставляющая вопросов в своей первородности и натуральности, заботливо сохранившихся в глубинах родовой памяти от палеолита до наших дней.

    Read full:

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