DR-41, CD, ltd. 250 / DL

“I often view my favorite music as a means to be mentally transported to an elusive, ethereal place for a period of time in a world that makes it increasingly difficult to do so. Early on during the recording process, I decided that I wanted this album to provide the feeling of floating on gentle and welcoming waters rather than a being a refuge to hide away in. The reverberant guitar chords and occasional lulling rhythms are all meant to contribute to the sense of calmly drifting away. The album art, courtesy of the of the ever stunning “ambient dream photography” of Brian Young is the perfect visual accompaniment- rolling waves giving way to hazy peaks, all bathed in a wash of monochromatic blue. It should come as no surprise that the title Harbor is an homage to the Cocteau Twins Echoes in a Shallow Bay”.

– Michael Cottone


Mike Cottone is a graphic designer and musician based in Detroit Michigan. Under The Green Kingdom moniker, he produces minimal ambient music using a variety of digitally manipulated sounds sourced from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments.



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