LEGIAC – The Voynich Manuscript


DR-40. CD, ltd. 250 / DL

After last year’s sophomore release, The Faex Has Decimated, on Tympanik Audio, the Legiac project is back, but this time on the Russian based Dronarivm label, where the new album feels more at home. This time, the electronic duo of Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten take on a more meditative approach to their mildly glitch-infused, modular explored sounds, weaving in ambient textures, field recordings, and vast soundscapes. Titled after an early 15th century hand-written and illustrated codex, named after Wilfrid Voynich, the mysteries within this cryptic album can only be unlocked upon subsequent rotations, offering it up as a soundtrack to an enigmatic place, existing somewhere within imagination of these two prolific artists. The Voynich Manuscript slowly transforms its listener from a seemingly ordinary habitat, to a day-dream haze, to kaleidoscopic illusion – a sonic environment you thirst to visit once again…


Legiac is an electronic duo of Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten


  • all tracks written and produced by Roel Funcken & Cor Bolten
  • mastered by Jason Corder
  • thanks to Taavi Tulev for providing some of the fieldrecording material (taavitulev.com)
CD price : 10 €

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4 thoughts on “LEGIAC – The Voynich Manuscript

  1. Tartine de Contrebasse:

    Sans renier leurs origines, Roel Funcken et Cor Bolten passent avec succès à la moulinette Dronarivm, proposant leur facette ambient exacerbée au glitch sur le label qui bénéficie d’une autre sortie en marge de ses productions habituelles, après un Elephant lui aussi unique en son genre (et très bon au passage). Une belle petite galette sur mesure et sans prétention, qui se bonifie au fil des écoutes. Quoi d’autre ?

    Read full…

  2. Music Won’t Save You:

    L’immagine di copertina e il titolo, mutuato da quello di un manoscritto illustrato del quindicesimo secolo, rispecchiano già in maniera fedele la surreale complessità del contenuto del terzo lavoro realizzato dal duo di Roel Funcken (Funckarma) e Cor Bolten, che dà continuità al recente “The Faex Has Decimated” (2015), seguito invece a un’assenza della sigla Legiac durata ben otto anni.

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  3. Igloo Magazine:

    …this is a polished and technically accomplished release from Legiac which has proven effective both in drifting me off to sleep with visions of windswept towers suffused with ethereal music and by providing a daytime soundtrack for relaxation and introspection.

    Read full…

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