DR-15_frontDRONARIVM, DR-15, 2 x 3’CDr + DL, ltd. 75

‘Breathing’ began in Japan with Ryonkt processing his guitar into a long 45 minute drone piece. He later sent the piece to Jason Corder aka Offthesky who then layered textures on top consisting of rice dropped onto a contact mic’d bowl from far above, processed vibraphone, vocals, breath sounds and more. The 45 minute piece was later split into two separate entities: the first part is for inhale, the second one is for exhale.

The collaboration between Ryo Nakata and Jason Corder gave a life to a music of breathing. Sound seems to flow in the air as oxygen does in venous leaf fibers in Peter Nejedly’s artwork.

According to the design concept, enclosed inserts complete a cover as a part of a general image. Original packaging by Dronarivm Art.

Limited edition of 75 handnumbered copies.

Ryo Nakata is an ambient/experimental producer from Sapporo, Japan.

Offthesky is the ever evolving sonic quilt of Denver, Colorado artist Jason Corder. Wielding instruments such as a vibraphone, guitar, piano, and various others accoutrements, mr. Corder makes home-spun and spacious sound-scapes of majestic proportion.


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One thought on “RYONKT & OFFTHESKY – Breathing

  1. Vital Weekly:

    This music is excellently produced, without many surprises and swift, odd changes, but endless sustaining drones, and weirdly processed sounds. Nowhere one find an idea of stasis, and this music seems to be on a constant shift, with minor changes talking place throughout. Very nice.

    Read full…

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