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Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg’s split called “Day Has Ended” is a piece of quiet, intimate music, interfused with daylight and covered by a soft mist of evening dreams. This album spans the course of a day until the point where night falls.

The first part, created by Aaron Martin, is a water-colour, cool and delicate. The twinkling sun reflected itself in a slow river, transparent silvery clouds sparkle and brush the heads of drowsy trees. The closer to the middle of the album, the lower goes the gentle shadow, saturating. In the second part – Christoph Berg’s one, water-colour turns into gouache. The sound becomes more full, more sensuous, it comes in waves, like breath of a sleeping man.

Just close your eyes, be all ears and you’ll feel – the night is not silent. Sweet tune of twilight and darkness full of echo, humming blue, vague voice of the strings and clear gleaming of bright stars in a velvet sky – that is the night.

It’s a perfect and severely sincere work, slightly bittered with melancholy.

Aaron Martin is a very talented multi-instrumentalist from Topeka, Kansas who has releases on such labels as Experimedia, Preservation, Under The Spire, Sonic Meditations.

Christoph Berg is composer and sound artist currently living and working in Berlin focusing on fragile acoustic chamber music compositions. Also writes electro-acoustic music as Field Rotation. He has releases on Facture, hibernate, Denovali Records, Fluid Audio.

Curated by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)
Cover painting “Where The Sea Once Was” by Richard Moult
Designed by Dronarivm Art


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14 thoughts on “AARON MARTIN / CHRISTOPH BERG – Day Has Ended

  1. Wajobu:

    Listening to Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg’s shared CD Day Has Ended is way to refocus the mind and to put the swiftly moving retrograde of time and visions back into perspective and allow the mind to return to a more natural order.

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  2. Indie Rock Mag

    Un cycle semi-circadien sépare les obsédantes élégies d’Aaron Martin (From The Mouth Of The Sun) des songes réconfortants de Christoph Berg (Field Rotation) sur ce split magnétique comme l’attraction du jour et de la nuit.

    Read full…

  3. AmbientBlog:

    With only a few releases, the relatively new Moscow-based label Dronarivm found its status as one of contemporary ambient music’s most important labels.

    The release of “Day Has Ended “, with Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg contributing four tracks each, that status is definitely confirmed – if not enhanced.

    Read full…

  4. SWQW:

    Deux sortes d’esprit : diurnes et nocturnes. Ils n’ont ni la même méthode ni la même éthique. En plein jour on se surveille; dans l’obscurité on avoue tout. (Cioran. De l’inconvénient d’être né)

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  5. Fluid Radio:

    Aaron Martin definitely has the appropriate initials when it comes to dissecting the ante meridiem mind. Christoph Berg, meanwhile, delivers a nocturnal master-class. Day Has Ended is the result.

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  6. Textura:

    Taken as a whole, Day Has Ended is about as lovely and refined a collection as anyone familiar with the work of Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg might have hoped it would be.

    Read full…

  7. maeror3:

    «Day Has Ended» – «маленькие ночные серенады» двух композиторов, Аарона Мартина и Кристофа Берга, творчество которых хорошо воспринимается как любителями экспериментальной музыки и «живого» эмбиента, так и поклонниками современной академической музыки.

    Read full…

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