VA – Aquarius


DRONARIVM, DR-09, CD, ltd. 200

Dronarivm achieves a new orbit. The Aquarius project is a whole constellation of emblematic names. Specially for this conceptual compilation iconic figures of the ambient scene from 10 countries of the world recorded 15 exclusive tracks. Gradual submersion into the cosmic ocean turns into a meditative diving in the subconsciousness, deep-water exploration of the internal Universe. Unsteady acoustic space changes every moment its unstable shape, but in this state of zero gravity one feels completely at ease. Every musician’s style is inimitable in its individuality and readily recognizable, but all tracks have one general concept, and every track takes its niche in a well thought-out composition of the album.

Featuring: Federico Durand / The Green Kingdom / Pjusk / Melodium (offthesky drone mix) / Simon Whetham / Loscil / Marsen Jules / Fabio Orsi / Pillowdiver / Machinefabriek / Hakobune + Hiroki Sasajima / Francisco López / Pleq + Mathieu Ruhlmann / Yann Novak + Segue (bonus track, only digital download)

Compiled by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)
Mastering by Jason Corder
Designed by E. Plushbearcat


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9 thoughts on “VA – Aquarius

  1. Review by maeror3

    Сборник, в котором хорошо все: команда участников и подбор треков, шикарная обложка и греющий душу факт, что все это издано в России. Можно высокопарно сказать, что на эмбиент-сцене наступила эпоха Водолея, а можно просто порекомендовать «Aquarius» тем, кто не мыслит своей жизни без тихой, необычной и красивой музыки.

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  2. Review by Vital Weekly:

    Throughout an enjoyable compilation, though rather similar in approach. Also easy, but perhaps a little bit of a different kind of easy.

    Read full…

  3. Review by Onlygoodmusic (in polish):

    Dopiero takie podejście pozwala na ujmowanie struktury ambientu i estetyczne obcowanie z “muzyką bez rytmu, melodii, słów”, z wyobraźnią muzyczną kompozytorów wreszcie z jedyną w swoim rodzaju (quasi-) ekspresją tej muzyki.

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  4. Wajobu:

    This would be an excellent choice for lying down in the grass on a clear dark night with a pair of headphones and staring into the night sky and as the eyes adjust to the darkness, the many secrets of the great depths are revealed.

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  5. Igloo Magazine:

    Liquidity has always been an apt metaphor for ambient music as well as for what this collection represents—the fluidity, if not downright irrelevance of boundaries, through which influence, admiration and seduction seep from Vancouver to Norway and Rotterdam, to Italy and Russia and Japan and wherever Simon Whetham happens to be at the moment.

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  6. Hawai:

    Al poco avanzar en los minutos, “Aquarius” va consumiendo la rigidez y convirtiendo la solidez en masa líquida. El calor se vuelve frío y hielo polar, el sueño de un invierno húmedo, cubierto de capas de agua congelada. El mar se convierte en una superficie bajo cero y, bajo el, subyace el ruido y sus ambientes glaciares.

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  7. SWQW:

    Débutant sur les lumineuses berges de l’elctronica, pour aller ensuite mourir dans de sombres profondeurs plus expérimentales, Aquarius est une compilation qui va faire date dans le sérail. Si les hommes descendent du songe, un joli marche-pied leur est ici proposé pour aller tutoyer la voies lactée.

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  8. A Closer Listen:

    Do you like sub-aquatic tones? Check out Pjusk. Undulating drones? Proceed to Loscil. Dark tones graced by mysterious field recordings? Hakobune + Hiroki Sasajima have the goods. Once you know what kind of ambient music you prefer, you’ll be able to find a lot more.

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  9. Textura:

    The collection draws upon the talents of artists from ten countries, all of whom will be familiar to listeners conversant with the ambient soundscaping genre. Though the idea of imposing a five-minute limit works well as a way of bringing concision to the project’s component pieces, there is admittedly a sameness about the material that lessens the recording’s impact.

    Read full…

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