DR-59, CD (ltd.150 / DL)

‘Sven Laux is a Berlin-based artist and composer who returns to Dronarivm following ‘Paper Streets’, which was released in 2017. He has also previously released on labels such as Archives, Whitelabrecs and Archipel, producing anything from modern classical to experimental minimal music.

Daniela Orvin is also based in Berlin, a pianist, musician and composer who has to-date released her second album ‘Home’ on Sven’s ‘Seasides On Postcards’ label which to many, became a stand-out recording in 2018.

Around a similar time to the release and creation of ‘Home’, Sven had been creating some tracks for an album and felt that there was something missing. After casting his ears over Daniela’s work, he realised that piano was the missing piece of the jigsaw that he had been searching for in the album he had been culminating. He invited Daniela to his studio, they walked through what had been created up to that point and she became inspired to the point that they began to work together. The process was very intuitive as piece by piece their own styles collided effortlessly into what has become a completed album project.

‘The Writings’ plays out in the exact order in which the tracks had been worked on, providing an accurate account of the studio time in which these stories had been etched. During the process, Sven and Daniela became friends and the concept of the album itself has become about collaboration itself.

Typically when artists work together in tandem, particularly in modern classical or ambient music, the result tends to be loud and powerful, as the two voices compete for the sonic space. This is not so in ‘The Writings’, as the artists showed great restrain between one another, a respect for each other’s expertise. Piano isn’t everywhere on this album, nor are Sven’s ‘hollywood strings’. Both are present, along with many many more wonderful elements. But each is afforded its own time and space, in a truly patient but evocative and enthralling listen, best enjoyed from start to finish.’

– Harry Towell


  • Mastered by Tobias Lorsbach
  • Original cover photo by Daniela Orvin
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