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“Open To The Sea” is the result of fruitful email conversation between two italian artists Enrico Coniglio and Matteo Uggeri. Sweet and minimal melodies on piano, organ and guitar of Enrico meet the efforts on trumpet and drums by Matteo, whose electronics treatment and delicate beats provide the solid ground to a music that seems a perfect match, unusual and at times brilliant, of the two artists’ sensibility. “Open To The Sea” explores a variety of merging organic sounds where the calm and intimate feel of the album is disrupt by incursions of gentle noises and sometimes curious juxtapositions. The contribution of several guests, including vocals by Comaneci, Lau Nau, Violeta Päivänkakkara and British actor John Guilor, enrich the acoustic palettes of the record. Drops of additional brass by Fabio Ricci (Vonneumann), electronics by Giulio Aldinucci and Stella Riva (Satan Is My Brother), along with James Plotkin accurate mastering are the final details to the frame of “Open To The Sea”.


Guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist, Enrico Coniglio (Venice, 1975) is a musician with an interest in the landscape aesthetics. His music, solo and collaborative works, have been featured by labels such as Fluid Audio, Crónica electronica, Gruen Rekorder, Taalem, Fear Drop/Fario, Glacial Movements, Hypnos, Psychonavigation, Silentes, Touch/Spire, just to name a few. Enrico is also part of Tavoloparlante (w/Nicola Di Croce), Lemures (w/Giovanni Lami), Aqua Dorsa (w/oophoi), Herion (w/Emanuele Errante and Elisa Marzorati). Starting from his curiosity in experimenting within tonal variations of ambient music, with a particular referral to the soundscape of the Venice’s lagoon, his research aims at investigating the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty about the evolution of the territory. Over the years his approach has been consolidated along two lines: on one hand, the music intended as an imaginative act for reinventing the world, on the other hand, as a tool for documenting
On 2013 he has started the ambient/folk project My Home, Sinking.
Together with Leandro Pisano he runs the digital label Galaverna. Enrico is member of AIPS – Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori. www.enricoconiglio.com


Matteo Uggeri graduated in Design at Politecnico di Milano and started playing in 1996 with the Der Einzige project, inspired by the industrial movement of the late 70s, which remains one of his reference points for the following years; in that context, however, he developed a growing interest for melody and field recordings. His first work in the field is “Un’estate senza pioggia”, a sound diary of the torrid August of 2003, during which Uggeri carried his microphones around central Italy, meeting and working with fellow musicians.
The collaborative component has been at the heart of his production over recent years; he has worked with Italian as well as foreign artists and constantly explored different musical languages, from dark ambient (“Kapnos”, with the Meerkat collective, that includes Luca Sigurtà, Punck, Logoplasm and Fabio Selvafiorita), to concrete music (“Erimos”, with M.B. and Fhievel), to EBM (“Slowmotion”, with Telepherique), to the kraut rock (“Quatro Erogenic Occupy”, with the Dutch collective De Fabriek), to electro-acoustic (“Autumn is Coming”, with Andrea Ferraris and Mujika Easel and “Pagetos”, with Luca Mauri and Francesco Giannico) to folk (“Fields of Corn”, with Bob Corn).
The collaboration with Sparkle in Grey has been running uninterrupted alongside these activities since 2000, Sparkle in Grey forming a permanent four-member band since 2005; with the group he shared unclassifiable and eclectic records, including an LP with Tex La Homa/Matt Shaw and a CD with the American Controlled Bleeding. Hallmark of the group are the illustrations with the distinctive image of the ’’Roundmen’’, whose pictures Uggeri draws with various techniques, also experimenting with disc graphics and rare videos between analog and digital, so far the two main poles and cornerstones of his artistic research. A good example is “Remote Control” (2011), a work on two VHS that mocks Italian TV habits showing an hour and a half zapping and whose soundtrack is provided by other artists involved in the project, including Zbigniew Karkowski, Jan Yun, Wooden Veil, Eraldo Bernocchi and If, Bwana. The work is published by Moriremo Tutti Records, Uggeri’s own label, a sort of counterpoint to the milder Grey Sparkle, a brand under which he often self-publishes his works. http://www.greysparkle.com


  • Mastered by James Plotkin
  • Paintings by Flavio Parrino (1916-1994)
  • Enrico Coniglio – piano, guitars, banjo, electric organ, Yamaha TX7, Casio-CZ 5000, sampler, tapes and vinyls
  • Matteo Uggeri – trumpet, drums, field recordings, radio, samples, elecrtronics and beats
  • Giulio Aldinucci – electronics on 5
  • Francesca Amato / Comaneci – vocals and lyrics on 9 and intro on 1
  • John Guilor – spoken words on 6
  • Franz Krostopovic – stolen violin samples on 6
  • Andrea Serrapiglio – stolen cello samples on 1
  • Violeta Paivankakkara – vocals and lyrics on 4
  • Francesca Stella Riva – trombone on 5 and 8
  • Fabio Ricci – trumpet on cymbals in 5
  • Lau Nau – vocal on 1

Comes as regular digipack CD and special editions CD + Puzzle + extra digital EP (15 x 20 cm., 80 pcs., ltd. 50)

Join the pieces of the puzzle, find a code on its back side and download an extra digital “The Sea Puzzle” EP.

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