STAR TURBINE – The Sleeping Land

Radiodrone Records, RD-07 / DRONARIVM, DR-00, cassette, C50

Enter the Sleeping Land, a celestial zone somewhere between the outer space and the inner space, hidden somewhere in the black shadows of Jupiter or in the zoned out dream states of the unconscious. Through celestial navigation Star Turbine set sails through dark oceans of deep space, burning through the hemispheres and amped up on high-octaned, astral energy in search for the Sleeping Land…

Claus Poulsen from Denmark and Sindre Bjerga from Norway are a newly formed duo. Working mainly with electronics and prepared amplified objects, they have produced in a short time 4 albums. Both artists are also highly active as solo musicians and in other collaborations. The duo also did a tour of Denmark and Germany March/April 2012.


Stream the release:


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